World History translated into from English to Gangster.
World History: So cesar was illin all up in da senate's grillllll, and he be like desirin' all tha powuh n' shit. and the senate got pissed bout cesar bein' a jank hoe, and dey popped a cap in his ass.
by []D [] []V[] []D [] []\[] December 6, 2009
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The number one reason for self harm and suicidal tendencies among overachieving sophomores. Typically, this class takes your AP virginity- but don’t think that its going to start you off easy with rose petals or some shit. This class will fuck you in the ass without any lube- which you’ll know a lot about, because you will develop insomnia and depression because of this fucking class and watch a startling amount of porn, because its 3 am and you need SOME way to get rid of the pent up anxiety. You will bleed over fucking Daoism- which will seem pretty appealing to you, with the whole living-in-the-woods-thing. Don’t know what Daoism is? You’re a lucky son of a bitch. You will cry blood at 3 am because the 10 page guided notes is only halfway done, and you haven’t even finished your own personal chapter outline- which is for some reason a different thing. Don’t take this class unless you already want to die and need one last thing to punch you over the edge.
Non-AP Student- :( I only got 6 hours of sleep last night :(
AP World Student- You ignorant fucking slut. You do not know true pain until you have taken AP World History. I have slept six hours in the past week, I live on coffee and chronic anxiety. I wrote 20 pages of notes in my own blood, and I still got a C on the test because I considered Alexander the Great’s biggest legacy to be forming a lasting empire instead of dissipating the city-states. I am awake right now because I mixed 5 hour energy with DayQuil, which I’m preying will give me a heart attack, and Quizlet is the only god I know.
by Thotticus.Prime September 22, 2018
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A disease which is common among seniors and reckless sophomores. The typical symptoms include lack of energy, inability to fall asleep, decrease in social participation, and excessive anxiety. The patients tend to show either/both apathy about life or/and pathological fervor about historic subjects. The disease frequently begins in September each year, reaching its climax in late April and early May, and wanes in June and July. The mortality rate it causes among patients is higher than the chance to get a 5, which is a cure for this disease.
Parent: My child got an allergy involving AP World History.
Doctor: I'm so sorry to hear that! That poor kid must be suffering so much.
by wesand April 1, 2015
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AP World History is a satanic class created by the College Board that is intended to initiate young sophomores into a vortex of money-wasting in a series of more AP classes, SATs, and SAT Subject Tests. In this hellhole of a class, you will be forced to write essays in like 40 minutes for no reason at all on completely obsolete topics like Hammurabi's code. Every test will be failed by everyone and the curve is NOT generous cause there's always that ONE tryhard who ruins the curve for everyone. For the essay writing, you might want to contact a physical therapist afterwards. Oh YEAH the busywork is outrageous and you will get absolutely no SLEEP. THE ONLY WAY TO SURVIVE IS CHEATING. PEOPLE WILL COPY OUTLINES, FIND QUIZLETS, and BEG THE OTHER CLASS FOR ANSWERS 24/7.My advice is to not take this filthy excuse of a hard class and take something like Bio in sophomore instead.
Person 1: Did you do the homework for AP World History?
Person 2: No Baljeet sent it to me I don't even care if I get caught Ive gotten like no sleep.
by stressedscholar April 9, 2016
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Is a common disease that many teenagers get around sophomore year. Symptoms include: forgetting to eat, sleep, and sometimes breath. To deal with this illness, you must study your ass off on homework that is nothing like the test. Basically, you are fucked. If you are happy in this class, you are even more fucked. Caution: do not take this class or you will surfer the fucking consequences. Beware
Student: What should I do tonight? End my suffering or do AP World History homework....?
by Margo312 November 24, 2015
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1. An impossible class that results in sleepless nights, ruined GPAs, failing grades. Death. But it will teach you more about history, economics, culture, social hiearchy, politics and you guessed it ... history than any other class - if u make it out alive. Usually taken by sophomores who don't know how hard AP classes are, but honestly the first AP is always hell so it's usually better just to get it over with. Also the exam is much easier than the class.
Grade in Class: C
Grade on AP World History Exam: 5
by Trinu October 14, 2006
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to anyone who says this class is easy if you put time into it, from the rest of us normal sophmores: FUCK YOU. this class takes up at least 2 hours every other night. In those hours, you will be piled with HW up your ass non stop. and just when think you know the material when studying for the test, she hands back a goddamned C for all your hard work, blood and tears. this class will take time from all your other damn classes.

sincerely frustrated classmate
jack: hey wats your hardest class?

Mary: oh, there was this one that made me stay up every night b/c ms. mcbitch wont stop assigning hw
jack:...Ap world history?
mary: (sigh) Ap world history
by definitioncontrol October 31, 2014
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