one of a few bands that changed the face of rock music by being totally origional! The band was started by founder members Billy Gould (Bass) and Mike "puffy" Bordin (drums)Under the name Faith no man! who then went on to enrole Roddy Bottum (Keyboards) Jim Martin (guitars) and Chuck Morsley (vocals)and form Faith No More!

After the release of their second Album (Introduce yourself) Chuck Morsley Was then fired Due to drink and drug problems (He is now a chef and the singer in a band called cement).
they then enrolled courtney love as a singer she never actually recoarded anything with the band because she was fired after a year for being too much of a dictator. After a listen of a demo cassette by a Californian band (Mr Bungle) Jim Martin Pursuaded Billy Gould and the Rest of the band to contact the Bands singer and see if he would sing for them!
At 19 the fresh faced singer Michael Allen Patton agreed to take the job and for the band this was the best thing that could happen not only did they have a new singer they had a new sound a Hybrid of Metal, funk, Rap and techno with clean vocals and energy the band even had top a ten single in the UK (Epic).
The Band Seemed Invinceble right up until their third release with Patton (King For A Day) where the band were dealing with numerous personal and profesional Problems this was the first album they had made without the presence of Jim martin on guitar, a lot of emotin is heard through this album Roddy Bottum didnt have much of a part in wrighting this album as he was dealing with the death of his farther and his rehabilitation of a Drug Habit. Jim martin was replaced by Trey spruance (Mr Bungle, secret chiefs 3) trey never actually toured with Faith No More he was sacked he was unable to commit to the hectic touring schedule which Faith No More endured with each release.
He was then replaced by Dean Menta who toured with them but didnt appear on the last album they released (album of the year) the reason for Dean's exit was that the writing process for the new album wasn't working out. He was was later replaced by Jon Hudson who was the bands last Guitarest and contributed to the wrighting of Album Of the year!
Even tho the Bands relationship was volotile and at times under a lot of presure this was a Key ingredient in the bands wrighting and the controversey was part of the reason why People loved them so much! The Band Influenced and Still manages to influence Many new Metal bands to this day not only that but people blame thenm for the invention of Nu Metal!
We care A Lot (Chuck)
Introduce yourself (Chuck)
The real thing (patton)
Live At Brixton Academy
Angel Dust
King For a Day (fool for a life time)
Album of the Year
Who cares a lot ( the greatest Hits)
This Is It (the best of)
Faith no More are the greatest band that ever lived!
Also check out Mr Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk!
by mike doom July 15, 2004
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One of the best bands to walk the earth. They created the finest album in history, called "Angel Dust", in 1992. All their other albums are classic, too. I have a "The Real Thing" t-shirt, and I just won a "King For A Day... Fool For A Lifetime" t-shirt off eBay, which kicks ass. It would be awesome if they got back together, because I have never seen them live.
Faith No More are kings of rock music.
by ThreeTimesOneMinusOne December 06, 2004
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A truly amazing band. It's one out a slight few alt bands that's actually cool. Jim Martin is a great guitar player. The only objection I have is that some people claim it's rap too. 1.) FNM is too cool to be rap
2.) Mike Patton's singing on "Epic" is more punk than rap

The other thing I don't like about them are these other shitty alt bands ripping off their style.
Fatih No More kicks your ass not kissess it.
by I Hate Conformists April 19, 2005
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A band that kicked major ass. Need I say more?

Q: What do you get when you mix together spectacular vocals, mesmerizing keyboards, crunchy guitar riffs, rolling basslines and tribal like drumming?

A: Faith No More!
1. Person: Oh My God! you should like listen to Fall Out Boy! They're like so amazing!
Me: Whats so amazing about them? They're nothing special.
Person: Oh My God! I can't believe you just said that!
Me: You want something amazing? Listen to Faith No More!

2. I was only a small child when Faith No More were around. It would be nice if they got back together 'cause I bet they were awesome live!

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Faith No More sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They have the typically crappy vocals that marks all forms of modern music.As well as the pointless meaningless lyrics and songs.
These fucks are over fucking rated one hit wonders at best and they shouldn't even be that.Faith No More sucks just like Quiet Riot and about a trillion other bands.
by BURP! September 10, 2006
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Supposeidly the band that System of a Down ripped off. Im thinkin if System of a Down copied them they must be good. So I bought a cd(Faith No More:The Platnium Collection) and all i got was 3 ok songs(Midlife Crisis, From out of Nowhere and Epic) and 15 really really crap songs(Anne's Song, Caffeine, She Loves me Not...ect). Waste of $8.99 I Say. So whatever you do dont buy a Faith No More cd, Instead buy a System of a Down cd.
Male 1: I wasted 8.99 on this crappy Faith No More cd
Male 2: Let me listen
Male 2: Ahhhh turn it off put SOAD on
Male 1: ok
*Listens to soad*
Male 2: This is FKN Awesome
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A very creative and talented band that originated from San Fransisco in around 1983. The band's musical output was enhanced by continuous tensions in the group that seemingly resulted in the members trying to 'outdo each other' creatively; leading to some very excellent music. Faith No More played almost every style of music from lounge to death metal, with their typical sound having funky bass, distored guitar riffs, energetic drumming, clever keyboards and catchy lyrics and singing. Faith No More dissolved in 1997 and the members are currently involved in other exciting outfits.
The best Faith No More album is 'Angel Dust', but it is probably best to start with 'Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits'.
by aneurysm1985 January 27, 2004
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