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A small party carried out in a small place, for instance a caravan, in which a lot of alcohol will be consumed, and generally both inanimate objects and livers are broken. These usually happen on a fairly frequent basis once a venue is found, and continue until said venue is completely destroyed.
Man, I went caravaning last night and ended up in a pool of my own sick in my mates backyard, it was fucking crazy...
by Roflcopter38 February 11, 2008
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When a woman bends over, you run up behind her and thrust yourself in her.
She then, normally in alarm, tries to move away, where you then follow her as if you are and annoying object being towed.
I was Caravaning today as my wife bent over in front of me.
by Jondice April 03, 2009
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To Caravan (verb)
To have a party in a small enclosed space where things WILL get broken, people WILL be sick but a fun time will be had by all.
Dude, I went caravaning and broke both my legs, but it was a hell of a night!
by kieranRal February 11, 2008
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Changed into a verb from caravan, it means to go on holiday in a caravan. It is probably one of the worst past-times known to man as fun activities include things such as emptying your excrement from the caravan or setting fire to your caravan and others by causing a chip-pan fire.
"What're you doing for the holidays?"
"We're going caravaning."
"Oh man... You have my prayers."
by James Frost July 20, 2006
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