When you are so beyond smashed and wrecked that another term has to step in to describe your ultimate level of inebriation.
Dude, why did you piss all over my bathroom walls? Are you that wrecked?

I'm towed. You slice of shit.
by A-roo February 5, 2007
A slang phrase used when someone insults someone else, or says a comeback to them.
Yo' mama's so fat that when I tried to drive around her I ran out of gas. You just got towed!
by Terribilis Persona April 19, 2012
having huge rims so it looks like your car is being towed
26 inches of chrome got me sittin so towed
See me in the driver's seat lookin so throwed
by Larry Hustle December 15, 2008
The/That Other Wiki. Used by users of Encyclopedia Dramatica to refer to Wikipedia.
ED: "TOW likes to think of themselves as the 21st century's answer to the Library of Alexandria, but, in reality, they fall somewhere closer to the collective scribblings on a truck stop bathroom wall."
by YAOMTC August 9, 2009
A person who name drops on famous people
"I know Big Name Celebrity"

"You're a towe!"
by m0nyagi February 23, 2009
best character ever on Southpark, a pot smoking towel,
towley got high and just wandered off one day
by lola January 10, 2005