When you have the shits so bad, just moving to stand up to go to the bathroom forces you to blow your shorts. Causing your Nut Sack to be covered in the most savory of butt caramels. Thus resulting in the phenomenon quaintly know as the CARAMEL APPLE!
"Hey Bro, do you have some dude wipes? I totally spurted my sack into a wicked Caramel Apple because of that bad Guac from last night."
by Broham64 February 17, 2018
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Verb: To run out of toilet paper whilst taking a shit and use an apple instead, then leaving the apple for the next person.
Gareth: Damn Tom, I was taking a huge dump yesterday but there was no more Charmin.
Tom: Did you Caramel Apple that bitch?!
Gareth: Bet!
by KingDaddyyy August 23, 2017
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A sexual scenario when you shove an apple up a womans bunghole, then shove it in and out repeatedly. you then take the shit covered apple out of the bunghole and proceed to munch on it until the core is left. muy delicioso...
i quietly shoved the apple up carries wide bunghole, she was unsuspecting but ended up enjoying it when we both munched on it for a nice midnight snack. :) Yum! Caramel Apple!
by BungMaster11 June 2, 2011
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the way your nuts look with lube dripping down them after receiving anal sex.
Jeff ate my caramel apples last night after he came my ass.
by sparkylocust April 10, 2009
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Its when you dip your testicles in hot, sweet, caramel and teabag a nonsuspecting victim.
"Oh man! Did you see Kyle give Mike a nice taste of his caramel apples?"
by BruinBoy17 November 7, 2006
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When u have diarrhea and it's so bad it splashes on the testicles making it a caramel apple.
Man that diarrhea gave me a caramel apple!
by Game the f over September 4, 2011
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When you take a granny smith apple, and put it on a stick, then you shove it up a persons butt.
O man that caramel apple last night stretched my butt cheeks bad.
by PakinHeat690 December 27, 2006
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