Very well mannered, has loads of ambition. knows how to please a women both in bed and in the designer clothes stores. Drives nothing but sports cars, will definitely own a yacht and private jet with all the inspiration and thoughts that he has to offer to the world!!
Who's yacht were partying on last night? We were on Gareth of course.
by Gareth3241 September 30, 2018
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He is very shy and likes to keep himself to himself but is a lovely friend. He is very creative on the computer. He is quite quiet but when you want him to contribute, he will do it without a doubt. He makes people smile with his natural funniness. You either love him or hate him- if you hate him you are stupid.
"Who's that dude in the corner? He seems quiet..."
"Oh, that's Gareth... he's a cool dude."
by anontothemazxxx October 15, 2011
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A Gareth will be the best person you will ever meet. He'll be your favourite because he makes you laugh.

A Gareth will be very musical and passionate and he cares for things too much. He gets along with everyone and is easy to be around but he'll only dedicate himself to a few people.

A Gareth is self-critical and analytical, making him logical, level headed and incredibly easy to admire.

His smile shows in his eyes. He doesn't have to be anything else but himself to love every single bit of him.
'So who you completely mind blowingly over heels in love with this time?'


'aaaaah understandable'
by viklapoop April 10, 2010
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A really amazing person, you can stay up til all hours of the night talking to him. Oh and he's penis is HUUUUUGE like juses crusty it's huge, like wow, omg. Wow
Wow that's a big penis, must be a Gareth.
by Damkru February 3, 2017
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from the welsh meaning noble and honourable. A very common name within Wales often shortened to Gaz or gar. Also the best hubbie in the whole wide world.
Me "Gareth can you make me a cuppa?"

Him "Course honey x"
by babyd0ll February 2, 2010
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Gareth refers to a person with a large penis. Someone who knows how to satisfy a woman both in the bed and in life.
"Hey Debs, how was that date last night?"

"It was great, he made me cum several times and even made me a cuppa in the morning. I've never been so satisfied. He is so hung. That Gareth is a keeper"

"Wow, I gotta go get me a Gareth"
by Debs.0 February 3, 2010
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a sweet and talented guy, usually a musician, and a friend to all.
1. Did you see that band last night? Their bassist was a Gareth!

2. Do you know Gareth?
Everybody knows Gareth!!!
by secretively February 25, 2010
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