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Having sex with a pregnant woman who is having contractions.
Man, one minute I was having sex with this pregnant chick, next thing you know I'm being a drain plug.
by Chilidog January 05, 2007
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Beating off while simultaneously pinching a loaf.
I had such a bad piss hard-on the other day while taking a crap, I decided to whack off at the tame time I took a dump. I took a spunkloaf!
by Chilidog November 16, 2007
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Short for Short-Haired woman in business. A typical shwib will be an extremely motivated, chatty, social climber whose sole goal in life it to be as successful as possible while stepping over the backs of everyone around her in the acheivement of her goals. Often found in the professions of real estate and politics.
That backstabbing shwib stole my entire client base from me after I introduced her to my business colleagues.
by Chilidog February 15, 2007
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Any sort of pancake-like pan-fried product with "special sauce" included.
I whipped up a bunch of spunk-filled man-battered hand cakes for my guests at breakfast yesterday.
by Chilidog November 16, 2007
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When you walk up behind a man with legs akimbo, yell "Captain Hook!" at the top of your lungs, and kick them square in the nuts from behind.
Man, that asshole pissed me off so bad, I gave him a Captain Hook for good measure.
by Chilidog February 01, 2007
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Another name for the University at the Stanford, California locale. Indoctrinization into the facist nature of higher education abound.
Man, I just got accepted to Stanford, and when I went to visit, it was like Palo Auschwitz instead of Palo Alto.
by Chilidog January 21, 2007
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