limbs bent; most often, the hands on the hips with elbows bent outward:
I knew I was in trouble when I saw Ma across the street watching me, standing with her arms akimbo.
by Bilberry March 12, 2008
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To hold and fire two guns, one in each hand. Most often seen with handguns, or compact sub-machine guns.

This is not only the correct term, but also the original, and oldest term for this.

However, Dual-Fisting is the term (created by the Halo community) that
is the most popular and widely accepted.
by Remy April 23, 2004
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to hold 2 pistols, one in each hand. A common image is arms extended, face focused and scrunched, blazing off wildly, NOT shooting both pistols at the same time but alternating each time. Also the shooter can wear a trench coat that's flailing in the wind. Sunglasses are okay too.
His akimbo pistols rained a trail of bullets.
by airro2 January 7, 2005
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a belligerent stance with arms slightly bent and elbows facing outward. A predominant form of posturing meant to intimidate and add size to one's physical structure. A common technique often seen in the employ of meathead or Guido assholes as they size each other up at the gym or the club.
The roided out Guido leisurely strolled through the gym with arms all akimbo.
by Christian Vincent February 22, 2006
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To cross/place your arms on your hips.
When Mom got mad, she looked at me sternly with her arms akimbo.
by Aaron W. December 3, 2002
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To hold two guns of any size and fire alternating to kill shit faster
Akimbo arena - Works great for ut2004 unreal tournament 2004
by August 1, 2005
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