A Calv is a German youtube-user who hates anything non-German, but especially the British, French, Americans, Turkish, Muslims and Jews. A Calv will believe all kind of rubbish, including that Germany is the greatest country in the world, and that the German language is the most beautiful language in the world.

A Calv will claim he is super rich and pretend he has had an amazing lifestyle, like meeting the British Queen; the US President and giving advice to the German Chancellor at some point or other as well as having a €65,000 car and a new car every other month.

All in all, a Calv is one sad, lonely, pathetic excuse for a human being who lives in his Hungarian mother's basement which is filled with Swastika's and posters of Hitler.
Person X: "There's this German youtube user who is a right nasty piece of work, but at least he's not a Calv - they're ten times worse!"
by ajjcjHQ October 10, 2010
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A female with no junk-in-the-trunk. The only lump you see is from her calves.
Jacob: Hey Cj look at her butt!
CJ: What butt?
Jacob: Oh right, she got calves
by Shmeckledwarf April 28, 2008
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Calv is an East German that gets his ass kicked on YouTube all day everyday, he's a deluded person with no shame in getting owned on YouTube, he's a copycat, a lier, and he is also known to want to fuck his girlfriend up the ass while her father is dying.

TeutonicRage and most other Teutonic's are just the same.
Don't be a Calv, leave her ass out of it, she's got a lot on her plate!
by The destroyer is me July 26, 2011
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When one's calf muscle is so sore from doing legs it equals the feeling of pain as if it were two.
My calve is killing me from working out. I need a gatorade.
by CHITOWNCOCO February 12, 2013
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1. The act of abandoning your friends, especially

when it coincides with having a new girlfriend.

2. Another word for Will.

3. Having an immense hatred for Angelo and Paul.
Dude how come you don;t come out anymore? I hope you aren't becoming a calves.
by Johnny Matrix December 9, 2010
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Lower-Rhine wannabe German
I envy the damn Dutch, cause I'm just a Calv.

Man, it sucks to be a Calv! Wish I was Dutch.
by NietzscheForEver June 14, 2011
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