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now Kolkata
An major city in India, located in West Bengal.

Majority of famous Indian who gain recognition were from Calcutta
*The main language is Bengali, and people tend to be perplexed by mistaking us Bangladeshi. Without the 1971 war or Pakistan interfering, we were all be together. But we are separated and there are barely people from Calcutta here, so people are confused with our place.

Note: Not only Bangladesh speaks Bengali!

People from Calcutta are considered Bengali as ethnicity

Famous people from Calcutta are Jhumpa Lahiri (author), Amar Bose (Bose Corportation), Norah Jones (singer, daughter of Ravi Shankar), Ravi Shankar (sitarist, great influence on the Beatles), Jaghish Chandra Bose (scientist), Satyendra Nath Bose (physicist, collaborated with Einstein), Lisa Ray( actress, half Bengali-half Polish), Bobby Routh (actor), ahh who could Rabindranath Tagore!, Satyajit Ray, and the famous economist, Amartya Sen, Sameer Bhattacharya (from the band Flyleaf) and so many more!

Lexlous's headquarter is in Calcutta!
Ignorant Scumbag: Hey, where are you from?
Me: Calcutta, India
Ignorant Scumbag: Oh, so you speak Indian?
Me: No, I speak Bengali
Ignorant Scumbag: Then you are Bangladeshi
Me: Dude, please read a textbook. It is because of your illiterate bastards that America's declining
by rothenberg June 16, 2011
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Calcutta was a ship which transported convicts to Van Dieman's land in the 1850s
Many people (covicted for what would now be considered petty offences),
were sent to trial, imprisoned and later trasported to Van Dieman's land on the Calcutta
by St. Ias September 20, 2005
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