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Ka•la•mi•ty ~ Unfelt love from both sides.
1: dude , i love her , but she doesn't love me.

2: i love him more than life , but he doesn't even like me.

3: You're both having the feeling of Calamity.
by jesus stylinson July 19, 2014
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A quiet girl at first, she's the epitome of a nerd, glasses and all. Loyalty is extremely important to her, since she's had her heart broken before. Her friends are basically her sisters, all if them protective of each other. This girl will knock out a guy if he cheats on one of her besties, I mean, she's a Taurus, what do you expect? She's good at anything she sets her mind to, very headstrong but also stubborn. She LOVES music, reading, and the ULTIMATE FANGIRL. Good luck trying NOT to get hugged by her, she calls herself clingy but everybody thinks that she's just a cuddle bunny :). Has low self esteem but amazing friends always cheer her up. She has a hard home life but dismisses it with a laugh. Has a record for being the first person to laugh at something. Can be guarded at times. Loves Netflix and movies, but had no sense of fashion. Worst fear: being alone. Is someone who you am count on. Always there for you. Will get anyone to laugh. Can come up with a random topic in a snap. Sarcastic and sly at times. Believes to be undefeated at flappy bird; high score is 4. Loves to sleep and hates haters. Did I mention that she was the ultimate fangirl? Well she is. No artistic abilities whatsoever but amazing at grammar and English. That's about it...
RandomDude 1: that girl Cal is pretty awesome.

RandomDude 2: there's no chance man, she's the ultimate Calamity.

RandomDude 1: unless you're Robbie Kay...
by CalamityCantBeBeat November 05, 2015
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when a typhoon occurs from every bodily orfice at once
My calamity was so loud it could be heard for miles, blowing trees over and making puppies go deaf.
by Meghan and Jenny March 21, 2003
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a badass gundamin gundam seed who 0wnxor the other n00b gun-damns with its big gats. It rides on a little birdy gundam shooting sensless piecess of cannonfodder
cannon fodder: ohhhh noooo its teh calamity gundamn!!!! *argh gets shot by teh calamity!
by Calamity October 05, 2003
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A very gay kid, That listens to pussy punk rock and posts at
That calamity, He sure is gay
by Calamity'sMyHoe April 14, 2005
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