An amazing side-scroller game with many elements, some people think that Terraria is a rip off of Minecraft, saying there are less features, dimensions, lower graphics, etc. when actually most of these are false. Terraria might not have different dimensions, but they have certain events like the pirates, slime rain, lunar events, martians, etc. Terraria also has a lot more features, have you seen the items? You could be a summoner, warrior, mage, or archer or neither, and make their own class with different accessories, equipment, weapons, and armor. It also has more bosses that are more fun and actually require skill, not seeing how fast you can spam left-click with your diamond sword with sharpness II on a creature made from sand and decapitated Satan skeletons. It has the Moon Lord, Skeletron, Duke Fishron, Brain of Cthulhu, The Destroyer, Skeletron Prime, The Twins, and a lot more with more to come! This game may not be 3D with low graphics, but it beats Minecraft by a long shot.
Guy One: Hey what you playing?
Guy Two: Just some Terraria, why?
Guy One: Why would you play that, ditch that game and go on Minecraft
Guy Two: No! Try the game RIGHT NOW.
Guy One: Ugh, fine.

7 hours later...

by ImTheBluestBird July 15, 2016
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Terraria is a 2d adventure game with RPG elements made by Re-Logic in 2011 for PC, console, mobile and 3Ds.
Terraria is thought to be a rip-off of Minecraft because of the ability to mine and hack enemies with swords. Terraria has four classes including Melee, ranged, mage and summoner.

Terraria worlds are created into pre-hardmore, and after defeating a boss called "wall of flesh", a mode called hardmode is activated. Terraria has several unique biomes, including Forest, Snow, Desert, Corruption, Crimson, Jungle, Ocean and the Hallow, and several others.

Underground are several different ores of different tiers, including copper, tin, iron, lead, gold, platinum, silver, tungsten, cobalt, mythril, palladium, titanium and more. Terraria has unique events including Goblin Invasion, Blood Moon, Solar eclipse, Slime Rain and many more. Terraria also includes 15 main bosses and several other minibosses.
Person 1: Hey dude come and play terraria with me!
Person 2: No i won't, i like minecraft more...
Person 1: Hey you've never even tried it. Try it out!
Person 2: alright...
Several hours later...
Person 1: Hey dude wanna build a house with me in minecraft?
Person 2: Sorry dude i can't... I'm busy fighting two giant laser eyeballs that shoot laser beams and spit out green hellfire with a magical book of cursed flames!
by Mit9975 June 10, 2019
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Quite possibly the best indie game of 2011, Terraria is a very addicting platformer with many Hack 'n Slash and RPG elements.

It bears many similarities to Minecraft, but offers so much more in terms of content. Terraria has meteorites, goblin invasions, bosses and character progression, among other things.
Finn: Dude, I haven't seen you on the Minecraft server for a few weeks now, what's up?

Jake: Yeah sorry, I've been playing this epic game called Terraria. It's kinda like 2D Minecraft, but with content. We should totally play together sometime.

Finn: Sounds interesting, I might pick it up when I see it for sale on Steam.
by The Cow King January 7, 2012
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A game that includes platforming, rpg and hack n' slash elements. Some people think it is a rip-off of Minecraft.
Yo, champs and champettes, it's your boy Pbat and we are back with Terraria.
by Teh Diggi May 12, 2011
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COOL GAME FULL OF FUN TIME (pls help me ive been playing the game for 1000 hours)
SO MANY COOL BOSSES (why is mastermode so stupidy hard)
SO MANY MODS (fargos soul mod is the embodyment of pain)
LOTS OF POSSIBILITIES (and those include suffering and hours for the rod of fucking discord)
Guy 1: have you heard about terraria?
Guy 2: no
Guy 1: Oh you haft to try it
Guy 2: whats it about
Guy 1: (suffering) sorry i mean it fill with so many cool bosses

Guy 2: ok ill try it

50 hours later

Guy 2: You didnt say it would be suffering

Guy 1: Oh i thought that was self explanatory
by BENNY WORM LOVER August 26, 2021
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Terraria is a 2D side-scrolling game developed and published by Re-Logic for multiple platforms. Most people believe it is a rip-off of the popular sandbox game Minecraft, but neither has ripped off the other really. This misconception is carried around much too often.
Contrary to popular belief, Terraria has mods just like Minecraft, people seem to not do their research into that. Also, it has many more elements than Minecraft. More potions and a story progression is more of what makes this game stand out from Minecraft.
Even though there is no creative mode or other dimensions (like Minecraft's Nether) in Terraria, there are classes you can play as; melee, ranged, magic, and summoner. And the bosses require you to employ actual strategy instead of spamming your bow and arrows over and over again. (Speaking of which, Terraria has, along with more than one bow, guns as well.)
Though most people take a side of either Terraria or Minecraft (and I may sound like the Terraria side, ngl) but the truth is, neither is 'better' than the other. They are both sandbox games created with pixels and a development team. And while Minecraft may gain slightly more attention than Terraria, both are amazing games regardless of the audience range and size.
Me: I'm gonna play Terraria.
Annoying Eavesdropper: Ew, Terraria! Play Minecraft, where there's actually mods.
Me: You might want to do some internet research into the mods thing. And I also play Minecraft, thank you very much. Both these games are successful. Not that I can guarantee you'll be, anyway.
Annoying Eavesdropper: *confuzzled af*
by Hoyuten April 22, 2020
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