Maryam is The most kind, beautiful girl who was to ever walk the earth. The mere ground that she walks upon sprouts beautiful flowers in which life is able to thrive. She is more commonly known as an angel sent from heaven and is most of the time a blessing upon everyone she comes in contact with. If you make her yours, cherish her and don't ever let her go, you know she is hard to catch back if let go.
You see that Maryam? I wish I was beautiful like her.
by Un.known3 August 1, 2016
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Maryam is a sweet considerate girl with beautiful eyes. She is the kind of person you always want to be around. She is so fun and always is ready to party. Maryam is always ready to listen and she will always be there for you. Maryam is the type of girl that will appreciate all your quality no matter how good or bad.
Maryam is pretty damn cool
by Loggjebear November 23, 2017
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Maryam is thee most perfect lil lady you will ever find. She's a shorty, and she is drop dead gorgeous.
She is super intelligent asf and literally knows everyyything

She is the complete girlfriend and will never let you down. She has eyes like pearls and a smile like an angel.

She deserves to be spoilt rotten and should never be sad!

She has a personality that blows your mind. An amazing person to have a conversation with and can solve allll your problems with just a lil smile.

When you do something wrong she gives you that look and tramps your toes which is really cute ..... And abusive
Maryam is a monkey
Maryam is a cutieee pie

Maryam is 'my angel'
I love Maryam
It's Maryam not mary!!!!!
by Your loving gorilla March 4, 2017
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Maryam is a beautiful smart and cute girl that you can never get mad at . She doesn't change her mind taht easily and it very hard to convince her otherwise. She her when you need get the most and when you wanna have fun .She can be the best friend you'll ever met or for a lucky few a perfect girlfriend. A Maryam need to be care after and respect she is strong and brave outside but she can be also shy and weak on the inside. You can trust her with anything and she'll help anyone because Maryam is a good person and will always help people in need .But if your unlucky to get on her bad side you best run. Overall Maryam can be truthful caring and loving .she perfect❤
Maryam is perfect
by 21318 February 2, 2019
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Maryam is love. ❤ She is argubaly the most beautiful Girl on earth, she has eyes like pearl and a smile like an angel. ❤

She has a personality that blow your mind, an amazing person to have a conversation with and can solve all your problems with her magical smile 😍
She is super intelligent and can understand any situation with her sharp mind.

She is simple yet stunningly Gorgreous and can make you feel weak in your knees.

When you do something naughty she gives you that look and tramps your toes which i found really cute 💖
She is a pure soul and deserve happiness all her life.

There is no one in the world like her. ❤
Maryam is a person name, and tThis is a description/Qualities of her
by KUariann June 21, 2019
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MARYAM, wow honestly whoever has a maryam in their life are blessed people. Maryam's are on of the smartest, and KINDEST people you'll ever meet. I once dated a maryam It was the best experience of my life. Maryam's are the sweetest, kindest, most warm hearted people alive on this planet. They always know how too make you feel better. They are hot as heck and are beautiful and so cute. Every guy wishes they had a Maryam under their arm. They make you feel safe and are incredible they r one of the most interesting and intelligent people you'll ever meet! They're also thickkk LMaO
Damn look at maryam she's so smart and pretty.
by Mike_ront July 11, 2017
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Maryam is the most beautiful and captivating girl. She is filled with kindness to the brim. Loves everyone, unless you are pure evil she will still see you as a friend. DON’T underestimate her kindness either

She is beauty 💖
She is grace 💖
She will punch you in the face 🥊

She is also outstandingly crazy and grabs all’s attention with her funnyness, creativity and beauty 💖🥴🥴🥴
Person 1: omg! Did u invite Maryam?
Person 2: Obvi!!!
by Yooooooo765 November 16, 2019
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