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A Luca is someone who is genuinly attractive. He is one of that guys that may seem like just a normal person but as soon as you start spending time with him, you will slowly start to see his qualities, intelligence and hidden skills.

If you hang with him out too often, you will start falling for him so take care of yourself, before its too late.

He loves to give pleasure to the people around him and tries not to hurt the people that he loves and that love him if it is under his control.
But beware, if you try to deceive him in any possible way, you should better prepare since his feelings can focus on revenge as much as they can love, if he is harmed by you.

He seeks people that will accompany him on his journey through life and is happy if he finds interesting people to share experiences with.

You will not regret having a Luca by your side.
A: Who is that guy over there ? He looks pretty cute

B: Oh that one? That's Luca. He really is 😊. I would love having someone like him by my side
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by Badiems39 November 29, 2019
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The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
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A sensitive boy. Though he may seem tough and cool, he's really a caring boy with a good head on his shoulders. Can be rude, but overall, someone worth getting to know.
Person 1. Luca's such a nice guy.
Person 2. Really, I think he's kinda tough.
by High Cactus March 16, 2019
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Lucas is an amazing, charismatic, and attractive guy. He always knows how to make you smile and laugh and brings joy to your life. He can, in ways sweep you off your feet. But you miss him all the time. He knows how to start a conversation and but never wants it to end. And always shows how much you mean to him.
He is such a Lucas!
by BakerL October 15, 2017
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Super-Badass kid. Usually does incredibly stupid things. All around leader. Extremely attractive and cool.

Fly as a motha-fucka.
Kid: Wow, he's such a Lucas.
Other Kid: I know right?
by niggajim13 February 25, 2009
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He's the kinda of person who resembles rainwater on a spiderweb- unnoticed at first but the more you look the more beautiful it gets.
With and adorable smile and eyes you could hold a game forever, he's certainly a guy who'll keep giving you butterflies each time you see him. A day with him is never boring for lying in his arms is enough for you.
The kind of person who appears so unexpectedly into your life but onice he's there you can never let go.
A guy as honest, as pure and as amazing as luca only comes round once every blue moon so when you catch him, don't let go.
Me: I don't think you understand how much luca means to me for it is the world and much more.
by Irismacaulay August 10, 2016
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