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Something you say when teaching someone. Usually to encourage or indicate they have done something right.

Also, inappropriately used as a filler like "or something like it" and "you know what I mean".
"Is this how it's done?"
"Yeah, there you go"

"Is this how it's done?"
"No, it's like this"
"There you go"
"WTF! I'm the one teaching you!"
by Jigen III August 22, 2009
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what you say when you just dont care enough
girl 1: ive been dancing and cleaning while listing to my ipod today
girl 2: there you go (thinking do i really give a shit?)
girl 1: yea!!!!!!!!!!!
by hoes for life August 21, 2007
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Somethig to say to someone in a Peter Grffin-like voice when you're softly suffocating someone without ill will as if putting them to sleep.
There you go.
by felixh November 03, 2016
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