"My friend told me she makes $400 a night at her job, so you know she caking."
by Bklyn Cutie February 05, 2008
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Caking is the art of baking a take, putting it somewhere unusual or interesting and taking a photograph.
I just went caking with a victoria sponge. Got some funny looks when I put it in the water to take my picture!
by World Baking Day May 18, 2012
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Comes after flirting but before sex. Can involve kissing, necking, fondling, and groping.
I went to the movies, but I missed the whole thing because I was caking in the back of the theater.
by Arek J. July 02, 2005
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To dry hump.

Only extremely attractive people may call it 'caking' though.
Aidan: 'Lizzie, let's do some caking'
by analcaking August 16, 2012
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Caking is when a guy is dealing with a whore, slut, or anyone he simply wants to fuck and instead of taking the 'hard no' (rejection) or fucking her and leaving, he instead sticks around and takes care of the financial responsibilities, plays 'daddy' to her kids, and/or pretends he's smitten with her.

He's even BAKING CAKES with this woman (hint: that's why we REALLY call it 'caking').

Essentially, it's a man placing himself in the most servile position by going far and beyond what's needed just to get some ass; he's attempting to 'buy the cow' with deeds and gestures WHEN THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD'S getting free milk, cheeseburgers, and leather jackets.
Simp (on the phone): Hey wifey; I hope you're having a good day!
Simp's friend: Who are you talking to?
Simp: My wifey, Shelia.
Simp's friend: Shelia? The bitch from up the street?! Out of all the bitches to be caking with, you chose her? I know three dudes who've hit it; there's even a sextape of her in a threesome circulating the web.
Simp: SHHHH! She might hear you!
Simp (on the phone): I'm back, baby; now...where were we?
by 800Wmarietta May 24, 2016
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