A life form. Like a microorganism, especially a bacterium that causes disease. Not in technical use.
Man#1: MICROBES!!! AAAAAaaaaAAAA microbes...gaaah...

Lady#1: Microbes...*sob*

Boy in bubble: Hey guys, what's goin' on?

Man#2: We're being attacked by aliens and they infected all of us with MICROBES!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!
by Maux_Darkbrand March 14, 2009
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A game where you put something in the mircowave and attempt to finish masturbating before said item finishes.
While waiting for his popcorn Steven decided to start microbating.
by steeeeveperry March 8, 2011
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The act of masturbating to thumbnail pictures, especially off of google images.
so i typed in "lesbians in the shower" on google images, and i totally microbated to that shit.
by b-hen April 23, 2009
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japneese salad referred to in "South Park" as a swear word. Most likely doesn't exist
Mmmmm, I could go for a bowl of microb.
by abc October 19, 2004
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beating off to anything microsoft or a picture of bill gates
mom: ande what r you doing with that picture of bill gates?

Ande: dammit mom can't i guy microbate in this house
by lazypotsmoker July 20, 2008
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Masturbating with a tiny dick. Future tense is microbating
by R2D2UDE May 25, 2017
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When someone's microphone is spazzing out due to input error or messing with the receiver causing a loud an disruptive noise, interrupting conversations in a microphone chat.
We had to kick Christian from the Skype call because he just couldn't stop microbating. spazzing
by SkeletonInYourCloset May 20, 2014
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