The act of flirting. While flirting, it is not uncommon for you to be uncommonly sweet, hence the term caking. Being abnormally sweet to someone you are "interested" in. Normally, said person, is of the opposite sex, but there are occasions when a girl might be caking to or with another girl, as a guy might cake to or with another guy.
1.)Hey, you'll have to do all that caking later, I'm ready to go!
2.)At the block party, Tony was seen caking with every available broad.
3.)How can I trust you, if you're gonna be caking with every chik on the block?
by ESE2006 September 22, 2005
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to talk for long hours on the phone with your honey, lover, or to talk on the phone with the person you will eventually have sex with
Man 1: G,I was caking on the phone last nite with Tasha.
Man 2: Man dawg, do she really believe the b.s. you tell her?
Man 1: Naw...She know good and well that I only wanna smudge her.
by Resse October 8, 2005
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1. Paying way too much attention to a particular female. (Flirting, talking to/about her all the time, dropping the "L" word in public, being real cutesy, always making out)
2. PDA (public display of affection)
3. Being whipped (You all up in your girl's face and she got you wide open)
4. When it looks like a guy traded in his playa card - he's acting a little too lovey.

For all of the above: usually denied by the person who was caking.
Eg 1 - 4
Guy 1: Look at him all pathetic! All cuddled up with Shaniqua. Yes dear, no dear, in her face... Guy you whipped.
Guy 2: What? Naw, Nigga you jealous!
Guy 3: Naw, dog, you girl got you open. That was some Betty Crocker Caking right there!
by J-Aim May 25, 2006
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To have a big booty
Girl 1: that guy is caking!
Girl 2: he really is caking. Look at him!
by Tater8205 January 19, 2020
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Comes after flirting but before sex. Can involve kissing, necking, fondling, and groping.
I went to the movies, but I missed the whole thing because I was caking in the back of the theater.
by Arek J. July 3, 2005
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1. To sleep deeply or for a long time. Mostly used in the Bay Area.
Damn, we are in San Fransico already? How long have I been caking?
by sexyvoice March 27, 2015
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Caking is when a guy is dealing with a whore, slut, or anyone he simply wants to fuck and instead of taking the 'hard no' (rejection) or fucking her and leaving, he instead sticks around and takes care of the financial responsibilities, plays 'daddy' to her kids, and/or pretends he's smitten with her.

He's even BAKING CAKES with this woman (hint: that's why we REALLY call it 'caking').

Essentially, it's a man placing himself in the most servile position by going far and beyond what's needed just to get some ass; he's attempting to 'buy the cow' with deeds and gestures WHEN THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD'S getting free milk, cheeseburgers, and leather jackets.
Simp (on the phone): Hey wifey; I hope you're having a good day!
Simp's friend: Who are you talking to?
Simp: My wifey, Shelia.
Simp's friend: Shelia? The bitch from up the street?! Out of all the bitches to be caking with, you chose her? I know three dudes who've hit it; there's even a sextape of her in a threesome circulating the web.
Simp: SHHHH! She might hear you!
Simp (on the phone): I'm back, baby; now...where were we?
by 800Wmarietta May 24, 2016
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