n. Consumer Recreation Services. A fictitious company in the movie
"The Game".
"Did you see The game?" "ya CRS was a badass company"
by hashi856 January 06, 2008
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CRS- Crystal Red Shrimp
The crystal red shrimp is a red color variation of the bee shrimp from China and Hong Kong. It was selectively bred from the bee shrimp (and NOT from the bumblebee shrimp as some erroneously claim) in Japan. It gained huge popularity in Japan and Germany due to its nice colors and excellent algae eating habits. Their colors stay red and white permanently and even young crystal red shrimp (even hatchlings) already show this beautiful coloration. There are several color variations of this shrimp in Japan. There are shrimp with mostly red bodies and thin white stripes (most common), shrimp with wider white stripes, and shrimp with very wide solid white stripes (most sought after). Recently a Japanese breeder has been producing shrimp that are almost solid white from tail to mid-body and show some red in the front.
by HKCRS January 07, 2008
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Trent Lott suddenly can't remember shit about being a racist bastard all his life, so he contacted CRS to look into the allegation.
by teleologist January 30, 2003
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abbreviation for the term "Cum rags." This term refers to any paper cloth, such as tissues, that could in some instance be used to clean up cum.
"Yo dude, pass me the CR's."

"Mom, I'm out of CR's in my room. Can you buy me a new box?"
by djollbeats October 23, 2012
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