(v.) During golf match play, when a golfer forces his or her opponent to make their next shot to tie the hole.
by Golfer N March 24, 2018
Overly cautious self quarantine of potential corona virus even though it’s only a cold doing the rounds from work or that sore throat from the overly air conditioned plane you just caught which may or may not have had someone with corona virus on.
He cornered himself, what a nightmare. Turns out was just a bit of early hay fever.
by Crafty-Cockney March 6, 2020
In Winslow, Arizona, there's a sign indicating The Corner, which is mentioned in the Eagles' song "Take It Easy".
Seeing The Corner was a thrill to experience!
by Starchylde May 28, 2016
The ability to a smoke a bowl of sensi one segment at a time by holding the lighter at an oblique angle to each unburned "corner" in turn, thereby allowing multiple persons to receive a fresh hit.
Dude, this is my last nug. Don't forget to corner it so I can get a freshie.
by mobiustrip June 27, 2005
A word commonly known in the food service industry by servers who frequently enter and exit the kitchen with their hands full. Servers call out "Corner" as they approach the entryway to and from the kitchen when they have trays, glassware and/or plates in their hands. The purpose of this is to warn anyone who may be approaching from the other direction, unseen by the person calling out "Corner" and thus avoiding a collision and the subsequential spill of aforementioned plates/glassware. Servers new to the industry usually find themselves saying "Corner" out of work when they approach a corner, and it is cause for much laughter and embarrassment.
Thanks for not calling corner, now I have to remake all of these drinks, you asswipe!
by instrumentoffear May 8, 2009
"im goin down to the corner to pick me up a hooker"
by yer May 20, 2003
to burn only a portion of the marijuana in a bowl, leaving some green for the next person.
here's the bong, i cornered it for you.
by Nick Kurszewski May 30, 2008