Anything with especially good qualities or characteristics; something run efficiently or smoothly.
The place has tons of girls, the dj is bumpin, it's real cashmere.
by Double A February 25, 2004
Common name on the Isle of Manhattan for marijuana}.
Yo you got that cashmere son?
by Joe February 2, 2005
A gorgeous girl (preferably black with good qualities she is pretty ,nice, smart Goofy , The human being(And girlfriend)
I really need to find myself a Cashmere.
by Big booty Judy 11 May 20, 2018
Beautiful, smart, soft, luxurious and way out of the ordinary.
You can never go wrong with a Cashmer.
by Wherethecasshat December 23, 2016
A small town in the center of Washington state. Mostly known for the large population of Hispanics(due to lots of orchards) and elderly people. Most people known to grow up in this town are guilty of having "small town syndrome". You might also notice the men in this town constantly have to say/do something to prove their masculinity due to the fact that they feel it's always being threatened. Most likely because of their small.......Town.
Dude, don't pay attention to him. He's from Cashmere, just let him sober up.
by Bannana Hammer August 11, 2011
Cashmere is a real dike with a cut. Don't ever mess with her she wiil give you a cut
Dike i am the realest dike. Cashmere Will become a cashmere
by Young Phantom March 16, 2017
Everything and anything that's strange and unusual. Only the best of the best, the superior beings are only allowed to use this term. Cashmere glow can be used as a noun,verb,adjective. Basically it's a badass word.
Bro did you see Ashley's hot date?? He was so "✨cashmere glow✨"
Leanna I just witnessed a spirit presence! "YO CASHMERE GLOW"
Lucia, when you and Andrew were talking, I felt the ✨cashmere glow✨.
by Ashluna June 13, 2015