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CRMS- Colorado Rocky Mountain School:

A boarding school in Carbondale for extreme left-wing liberals and other people that would not fit in at a normal Highschool.
It sure is weird how those bleeding-heart hippies at CRMS have a fleet of 20 buses that get 8mpg, and drive 50+ miles in each one almost everyday.
by Steveee Frenchhh May 24, 2011
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1. Customer Relationship Management

2. A program used to manage customer contacts.
The company chose Microsoft CRM because its employees were already familiar with Outlook
by Daniel February 16, 2005
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Come Rescue Me.... used get get help, get out of a meeting, get away from an annoying friend...
Guy is stuck in a meeting. Needs to get out of it. Sends at Text to his Friend. "Dude, I am in meeting xxx... CRM! "
by pacmanj February 19, 2010
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Classic Rookie Mistake - when someone makes a mistake that was so ridiculous it could only be blamed on the fact that they are a rookie at life, typically someone under the age of 20.
Hey Gaythin Shmayes! way to go getting your dick sucked by a fucking married chick! But seriouslyโ€ฆ C.R.M.

Hey Gaythin Shmayes! you passed 17 parking spots that were perfect, why the FUCK are you still driving around?! C.R.M. bro
by IIIXIII313 May 29, 2011
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Career Restricting Move - A moment in which one relizes that an individual has made a stupid move, fully knowing now that they won't get any further in that job.
Hitting the Sergeant was a serious CRM for that Private First Class...
by Republican Extremist July 10, 2008
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Couldnโ€™t Relate More
when a you tell your friends that youโ€™re over him but then he texts you after a whole month of not speaking to him and you respond immediately CRM
by Polynesian sauce July 01, 2018
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