CRMS- Colorado Rocky Mountain School:

A boarding school in Carbondale for extreme left-wing liberals and other people that would not fit in at a normal Highschool.
It sure is weird how those bleeding-heart hippies at CRMS have a fleet of 20 buses that get 8mpg, and drive 50+ miles in each one almost everyday.
by Steveee Frenchhh May 25, 2011
1. Customer Relationship Management

2. A program used to manage customer contacts.
The company chose Microsoft CRM because its employees were already familiar with Outlook
by Daniel February 16, 2005
A school with a bunch of snotty little whores who get high and drunk because they think their cool and don’t worry the building is either always to hot or to cold the only good part of the year is Jessie Chris
Crms rats
by Toenshiphoe July 16, 2019
Come Rescue Me.... used get get help, get out of a meeting, get away from an annoying friend...
Guy is stuck in a meeting. Needs to get out of it. Sends at Text to his Friend. "Dude, I am in meeting xxx... CRM! "
by pacmanj February 19, 2010
Couldn’t Relate More
when a you tell your friends that you’re over him but then he texts you after a whole month of not speaking to him and you respond immediately CRM
by Polynesian sauce July 2, 2018
Career Restricting Move - A moment in which one relizes that an individual has made a stupid move, fully knowing now that they won't get any further in that job.
Hitting the Sergeant was a serious CRM for that Private First Class...
by Republican Extremist July 11, 2008
CRM (customer relationship management)

1.) integration of socialytics (social analytics) into customer relationship management software

2.) CRM software that incorporates socialytics aggregators for users to optimize their existing and potential customer relationships on a social media platform
Such optimizing can include: establishing new communication vehicles with existing & potential customers; creating customer loyalty; better understanding customers to improve service interaction and product development; brand recognition; advertising opportunities; increased sales; creation of online demographics; and increased search engine optimization.
I can follow my customer's eating & shopping trends thru review sites by using my social CRM software.
by @ideasfromlisa May 21, 2010