The annoying friend is usually the shortest friend and their name starts with “e” also know as the TSAF -that annoying short friend- but although they are the TSAF they are also really funny nice and pretty so it balances out (:
Ellie is definitely the annoying friend hahahahaha jk ..... ROWLING
by Lula_ellie_delilah_koolkidz132 October 12, 2020
The annoying friend is usually the shortest friend in the group and there names start with the letter “e”.
Often referred to as tsaf (that short annoying friend) although they are the tsaf they are most likely to be friends with the coolest person ever to balance out the in deference’s
“Omg Ellie is definitely the Annoying friend in our group”
by Lula_ellie_delilah_koolkidz132 October 12, 2020
“Guess what Friend?”


“It’s roast annoying friend November and I think you are quite annoying”


“It’s the month where I get to roast you all day and all month”
by Hollow Spirit November 16, 2022
Harass and bully the most annoying little shit in your friend group day
September 28
LS: "Why the fuck are you being so mean today?"
OP: "Because it's National Bully Your Annoying Friend Day you little bitch"
by whathemango September 28, 2021
On January 23 you can annoy your friends whenever and however you'd like!
"why have you been annoying me the whole day!?"
"Well bc it's National annoy your friend day!"
by LpveherP January 23, 2023
June 22nd is Annoy Your Friend Day (AYFD)! Pester them all you want. Doesn't have to be just one friend, annoy them all! They can get mad, but that's exactly what you want on AYFD!
Tom: "Hey, did you know it's Annoy Your Friend Day?"
Tim: "Nobody cares."
Tom: "That's annoying!"
by Toaster Overlord June 22, 2022