While it is also a popular show, "Rescue Me" is the BEST MADONNA SONG IN THE WORLD!

A refreshing change of pace from Madonna's usual frothy, effervescent songs of euphoric love such as "Material Girl" or "Lucky Star", "Rescue Me" is not really a "Into The Groove"-like dance song or a bouncy pop song such as "Holiday".

A song about a woman who cannot love, and feels like she's drowning because of her emotions.
"You bring me to my knees
While I'm scratching out the eyes
Of a world I want to conquer, and deliver, and despise,
And right when I am kneeling there
I suddenly begin to care,
It gives me hope that there could be
A person that loves me!

Rescue Me,
It's hard to believe
Your love has given me hope!
Rescue Me,
It's hard to believe
I'm drowning, baby throw out your rope!"
by je ne regrette pas August 23, 2011
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