- Coach's Decision. Appears in box scores etc when a player doesnt play the minutes that he/she is used to playing or doesnt play at all.
LeBron didnt play too many minutes today. I heard it was a CD.
by CorporationX March 01, 2005
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Best beer ever, term only used in a place with a well established Carlton Draught rep. Has a tendancy to make you bloated, like after a few you can't get a tight fitting ring off your hand when some fine ass hoes head over.
Hey, what's this VB crap? I asked for a CD, tell the ho behind the bar I'm a bloody Director of this club and if she wants to keep working here she'll get my order right.
by Jimmy James December 13, 2004
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Catch my drift. Popularized by Jonathan Leon and Tony Ruane in 2002, it has now spread to UF, FSU, California, India, and England.
That girl was hot, did you tap it...cd?
by earl man May 19, 2007
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To take 2 or more fingers and stick them up a gurls vigina.
Ay...G...Did you her old gurl got CDed in my bed

For Real G....

For Real Dough...

Hell Naw...LOL....
by David Brian Lewis December 28, 2007
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