Carlton Draught is celebrating its 150 years of being in existence here in Australia. Its brewed in Melbourne Australia at Carlton United Breweries and is available at the majority of Pubs and Clubs Australia wide. Typically its a Australian beer that is a all rounder, in saying that it goes with food or just having a beer for the sake of it, it's really smooth Draught beer especially served cold.

The beer is good from a can or glass, However the ultimate way to enjoy it, is from your local Pub or Bar in a Glass.
I'll have a pint of Carlton Draught mate!
Pass us a tinnie of some Carlton Draught mate!
by The_Phantom1337 September 20, 2014
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A great beer to have on tap. Should be in every pub in Australia. Better than that Pooheys shit!
Law/Com Fag: Let's go to PA's.
Everyone else: Get fucked, it doesn't have Carlton on tap!
by watto June 24, 2004
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