The greatest brew man has ever crafted. A full strength and flavoured Beer. Not to be drunk by little bitches! Australian brewed, the one and only Victoria Bitter.
-“I can’t drink VB, it tastes like horse piss

-“Yeah it’s not for little bitches!”
by Lucifer is my bitch November 18, 2021
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Not appreciated by all, but one of the greatest beverages known to humankind. Originating from Victoria, hence the name 'Victoria Bitter', this alcoholic beverage is one of, if not, the most consumed beers in Australia. It is regularly contained inside a tinny (can) or stubbie (glass bottle), although it is best served cold in a schooner from 'the tap'. Commonly 1.4 standard drinks.

It is the beer of the gods and is liquid gold in its purest form.

Most associated with the phrase "for a hard earned thirst", as the best cold beer is Vic.
VB, now it's full strength.

Throw me another VB tinny Jono

Oi Davo, are you bring a case of VBs to Robbo's place?
by Dr Dum October 15, 2013
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Larry: Fuk, chasing these fukin roo cunts is fukin tiring. Better crack a fukin VB.
Roo: Fuuuuuk
by MINI RANGA JESUS May 29, 2019
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VB - A rather horrid beer favoured by the proletariat and Northern Territorians. Still remarkably better than the weak swill that Americans call beer.

Also known as green death and Vaginal Backwash
Break out the Beer Bong, here comes Macca with a carton of VB.
by Rt Hon SB September 25, 2007
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Beer consumed only by bogans and teenagers who can't afford anything better. Almost as good as Powers, Fosters and Eumundi Cloudy Lager.
"Hard night, eh?"
"Yeah, I drank half a carton of VB."
"Why didn't you just cut the middleman, sandpaper your tongue and bash your head against the wall? Cheaper and much less painful."
by Big Fella May 28, 2005
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the usual drink of the Alice Springs native and bogans. this is a cheap poor tasting mid strength beer. typically found empty laying all over the streets of Alice Springs tenant Creek and Cooper Pedy. and other towns over Australia. . .
go Carlton. Its a big ad expensive ad it beter sell some bloody beer
you aren't allowed to drink VB in the street Mr Pjintara... you stole my green can. . . YOU RACIST WHITE PUCK
by bane0030 December 1, 2007
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'Visitor's Beer' - A beer that you give to visitors, so you can have the quality brew all to yourself.
by CyberSniper August 24, 2003
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