A term for Masturbation or Male Pleasure it stands for (I Play with my Sausage Four times a day)
by DGETSDTHHGS February 3, 2019
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Sony's new game system which competes with the Xbox One. Is "compete" even the right word I should be using right now? The PS4 didn't have to do anything to beat the Xbox One. The Xbox One destroyed itself with its "enlightening" features. After the announcement of the Xbox One, Sony's stock went up by 9%. It seems like Microsoft wants Sony to sell more than them. While playing online with the PS3 was free, the PS4 won't be free. You must have Playstation Plus to play online for the PS4. At least Playstation Plus gives extra features like discounts, and free games. The price of the PS4 will be $399.99, and it will be released on 11/30/2013.
Xbox Fan: I'm ganna totully by teh X-Box One Bee-cuZ it iz da bestest!

Playstation Fan: You're joking, right? I can buy a brick for cheaper that does everything the Xbox One can, but with less limits, but I'd rather buy a PS4.
by Mahoken June 16, 2013
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One of Sony's most popular gaming consoles.
RB doesn't have a PS4 because he's a scrub.
by The Original Memer April 6, 2018
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An extremley overrated graphically upgraded PS3 that happens to have way too many fanboys. Currently it has no games. It's competitor on the other hand, (The Xbox One) can do 10x as much shit. Sadly it (Xbox one) recieves hate from everyone.
XBOX ONE FAN: What are you talking about? Did you know that the Xbox one includes kinect 2.0 and removed DRM before it release. The Graphics are basically the same.
XBOX ONE FAN: You haven't tried kinect.. Have you.
by Teh trueman March 30, 2014
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An overrated piece of shit that Sony fagboys beat off to because they're a bunch of virgins (except in their asshole) who'll never get any pussy. It's mediocre in every possible way, crappy movie games, shit servers, shit services, etc. Made by a bunch of tiny brain, micropenis asians who don't know shit about technology or gaming, for people who're just like them.
Look at that skilless PS4 scrub, probably sucked off Sony execs and still can't get good games.
by MetalHead367 November 1, 2019
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A poorly design console that looks like a fucking big mac. Only has exclusives like your favorite Anime you weebs or your favorite Marvel character that fucking dies in the movie or some game you will pay 60$ for and never touch it again after the 5th hour. No backwards compatibility so you cant play Rayman 2 The Great Escape on it. Only reason it exist is because of the deal Nintendo and Sony had back in 1993.
Hey Will has a PS4 wanna go to his house? NO because i cant play Rayman 3 hoodlum havoc unlike my more superior Xbox One X
by EWPS4 December 10, 2018
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