A hilarious cartoon that for some gay ass reason got canceled. But it was one of the funniest ever.
Rocko's Modern Life didn't "pwned" or "owned" you fucking douche bag it ruled.
by Corb August 29, 2004
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One funny old school nick toon. First aired in September 18, 1993 and last episode on Novemeber 24, 1996. There are four seasons with 52 episodes.
It features Rocko (a young wallaby from Australia who moves to the U.S), Spunky(Rocko's dog), Filbert (Rocko's turtle friend who works in a comic shop), Heffer (Rocko's steer friend and adopted by wolves), and Mr. And Mrs. Bighead (Rocko's frog neighbors). The show is about Rocko dealing with everyday things in his "modern" life.
Sadly, the show was cancelled. However, you can still watch re-runs on channel 126 with digital cable.
Filbert: Turn the page, wash your hands, turn the page, wash your hands...

Heffer: Wacky Deli Yeah! Wacky Deli Yeah! We've got sandwiches...
by Highly Evolved April 3, 2005
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a cartoon series which was the brain child of Joe Murray. Told the tale of Rocko,a wallaby from Australia,who had moved to America. The cartoon featured surreal,exaggerated versions of the trials and tribulations of real life.
Man:Rocko's Modern Life,Eh? Sounds good.
Jonjo:It is. It contains surreal,exaggerated versions of the trials and tribulations of real life.
Man:That's deep.
by Jonjo January 16, 2005
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A genuinely hilarious show on Nickelodeon in the mid-1990s. 'RML' was an ingenious parody of 1990s life, poking fun at big businesses, coffee shops, credit cards, and many other things. Since it was on a children's network, the show's creators had to throw in some 'potty jokes,' as much of the show's true humor was too highbrow for the average ten year-old.
Rocko's Modern Life still airs on Nicktoons TV, but I don't think that very many people receive that channel.
by Diggity Monkeez December 18, 2004
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Definately the best cartoon Nickelodeon has ever done. It lasted 4 seasons and only 52 episodes. If you didn't like this show you were eather to young to understand the humor(propaly from 1-8) or too old to actually consider changing the channel to nick. Now all Nickelodeon shows is 50 episodes of SpongeBob(a show that definately isn't one of Nick's absolute best, definately better than Rocket Power and the Wild Thornberrys) and 20 episodes of Fairly Oddparents (Not funny or entertaining show)

Anyway, Rocko rocks this world.
"Bath day is a very dangerous day"
"Laundry day is a very dangerous day"
"Garbage day is a very dangerous day"
"Open Mike night is a very dangerous night"
"Shopping day is a very dangerous day"
by bob July 6, 2005
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The best show on nickelodeon, it never had a bad episode, was always funny, and it kicked ass. Problem is that nickelodeon turned into a suckass preteen bullshit station and had to cancel it cause they don't like quality shows.
Rocko's Modern Life was the best show ever, and I'll beat the shit out of anyone who says otherwise!
by Mr. Zimpy November 22, 2009
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a tv show in the 90's that most of us loved. our parents also liked this show but they were laughing at in for a diffrent reason. there were very bad subliminal messages in the show. for example in one episode there was a town called ballzach
and in another a character named phill the turtle touches the character hef a cow and makes hef angry. phill says sorry but heff stays angry. what would make a cow that angry? what would make you that angry?
rokos modern life a tv show in the ninteys that we all loved
by angelo catalano August 28, 2006
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