I am CAF, you are CAF, we are CAF, my dog and my beer are CAF.
by Ady Munro October 06, 2015
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Abbreviation for Cringy as Fuck. Reaction to someone being extremely awkward or embarrassing. Used especially when someone tries to obtain sympathy, virtue seek, or live vicariously, through made-up anecdotes.
Story-teller: "...They told him that she killed herself and left a note saying 'I killed myself because you wouldn't date me, all because I wasn't your type.' The boy looked at her face and realized she was the most beautiful thing he ever beheld. He fell to his knees and cried 'Why?! I should have given you the chance!' The next day they found him dead in his bedroom with a note next to him saying 'You were right. You are my type. I'm sorry.' If you believe types don't matter, re-post and share this with ten other people or else a ghost will eat your face."
Reply: "CAF..."
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by Mimic22 November 21, 2017
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Crazy as fu*k
Guy 1: Yo stay away from her. That girl is caf!
Guy2: ikr!
by Sk8life April 24, 2017
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"Where you eating today"
"The caf, I'll see you there"
by SillyStephanie October 20, 2017
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