Person a: Yo he just doesn’t miss
Person b: please just miss once king
by Charrid July 31, 2020
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What guys from the east coast like to call young women.
Nick: You're gorgeous, miss.
by cxa March 7, 2010
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Miss is the sweetest thing you'll ever have the good fortuine of knowing. She's kind and thoughtful and always makes you feel happy. She's always there when you need her and her love cannot be matched. Miss has the most amazing smile and you can't help but love it. She epitomizes the word sexy and her deep beautiful eyes will make your heart skip a beat. Miss has the most beautiful ass, is super sensual and loves to be intimate. Miss is the most wonderful thing you'll ever know.if you get a miss keep her there is no one else like her nobody can replace a miss.
Boy:aye miss do something to me I'm not letting her go.

Miss can stay on yo mind
by Realest it can get February 23, 2019
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Your female teacher or other instructor personel.
Hey miss lemmie get a pencil
by peee ceee teee vee October 17, 2007
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An adjective, something we call someone whose higher up than us. A woman.
Student: Hey Miss can you help me with my homework? or Student: Hi Miss!
by Hillcrest.Hood April 12, 2014
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A colossally grotesque joke that leaves the room in total silence and dismay. Oftentimes utilized after Gage McKay attempts to make a comical response.
Gage: “Aren’t you in PreCalculus?”
Literally everyone “Miss”
by Coopie lindberger meeeshmee November 2, 2022
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