A group of men that make you want to make the love.
Those sexy men make my penis hard and my eyes water.
by =Dean-o= July 24, 2006
A really hot Gay Man who is perfect. All the men swoon over this guy. He is known to "get all the ladies" when in reality hes making out with other hot Gay Men.

He is usually seen flexing his gay muscle in front of the gym mirror.
A Big Sexy Gay Man will usually be defined as very attractive and sweet.
The Big Sexy Gay Man is a rare sight, but is a beauty

person 1: Hey dude, Wally over there looks like a "Big Sexy Gay Man!!"
me: Really?!?!?!?!
person 1: Yea, he has the biggest set of Man Honkers ever!
Big Sexy Gay Men, hit me up
by dickwing February 14, 2023