crispy as f#@k; the state of being so absurdly baller that you surpass any level of baller that another baller may be
by Angigolo December 13, 2010
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chill as fuck. as in a total bro, or some random stranger who saves your ass big time.
yo, that cop was CAF, if he wasn't, we would've definitely been busted for open container. damn we got lucky.
by anonymousman123321chill June 07, 2011
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Today was so caf... Me and my bros went to a scenic park, ripped a few bowls, and chilled.
by cafbrochill August 28, 2010
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Dude she just told me she was single so I hooked up with her , then her friend called me a dick because she has a boyfriend, "CAF"!
by i'mlikeheywhatsuphello November 18, 2015
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