a way of saying "that's cool" by wazian gangstah wannabees
dude JMT is chill as fuck
by Gwen January 20, 2005
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A convoluted and improved version of everybody chill the fuck out.
It was first mentioned by Joe Frantz on Radio Bam.
Stuey - You dickass! You stole my last pair of undies!

Brenty - Nah man your gammin!

Hurley - Everybody chill on fuck!
by The Lone Psycho November 25, 2008
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to become so calm and relaxed, almost in a state of quiet ecstasy, that anything in your life that makes you say "fuck!" no longer exists
Bob: Erin, what are you doing today?
Erin: I'm going to chill the FUCK out.
by aieuo September 21, 2009
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Used when your friends are getting out of control or high and you just want them to calm themselves. You can also accompany it with "no one cares" when someone's gushing on about something you hate
Random Person: Chill the fuck down. No one cares.
by TytaAlba February 4, 2016
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When you are so fucked up that you can just sit by a fire for ten hours and not give a shit. The best feeling in the world.

normally the result of being stone drunk, baked as hell, or rollin your nuts off.
jons been staring at the fire for two and a half hours...

"jon you alright?"

"yea man, im just chill-fucked outta my mind."
by Tyler? March 23, 2007
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talking and hanging out while having sex. basically chillin out during intercourse
Mick: "Yo last night maggie and I were chill fucking it was so relaxing and enjoyable we talked the whole time."
by Bernard Johnson III June 5, 2011
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Term describing the phenomenon of when there is a chill vibe between 2 (or more) people who engage in intercourse. HOWEVER there is no friendship involved, just a mutually positive association between sexual partners. Fucking is not the sole aspect of all interactions and some other benefit comes from time spent together (i.e. conversation, life perspectives etc.).
"No dude I'm not trying to be friends with him! We are just chill fucking..."
by February 16, 2021
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