A New drug illegally imported in the UK and USA which consists of 25% Hash and 75% Brown Herbs.
1) The name for this new drug is CAF. When using this in a sentence you say " Mate I'm just getting some CAF and i'll be back soon"
or " i'll pop back just getting some CAF".
by Lesaw44 May 13, 2012
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yo you know that girl katie?

yea that CAF?
you know it, we got together last night!

by huneybuns December 4, 2010
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(Pron: Khaffing) The act of gaining an erection; Acronym of "Cracking A Fat"; To caf.
Sami was caffing hard when Sally the land whale beached herself next to him at the New Year Eve beach party.
by Markymark2036 January 2, 2014
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Bro: Did you hear about that woman who opened up the sandwich shop?
Nad: Yeah Bro, I hear she's caf.
by classyhipster69 June 2, 2011
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Today was so caf... Me and my bros went to a scenic park, ripped a few bowls, and chilled.
by cafbrochill August 28, 2010
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Stands for Classy As Fuck. Basically, the new yolo. But better. Mainly used Ironically.
"man, you should have seen me at the wedding, totally caf."

"ducky pajamas, totally caf."

"hahah oh god, that hole in your pants, caf."
by Totescaf September 4, 2012
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