Abbreviation of calf as fuck. Meaning that it is nice day outside or it is good idea.
"it's calm as fuck". "ye that is a good idea mate, CAF"
by Mr Morgan Williams March 02, 2017
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A cafeteria.

An eating establishment, normally associated with a large institution or company.
Todays' special at the Caf made me vom.
by Royal T April 27, 2005
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a word you use to describe something is cool based on your personal preference.

ACRONYMS for: Cool As F*ck Sh*t, Cool Always Forever Smooth
There's nothing wrong with feeling good, if you ain't you probably should be on this CAFS!

Daaaaamn, That sh*t is CAFS!
by iynjay September 06, 2013
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An acronym which stands for "Cute Asian Face."
Guy: Yo. 'Sup?
Girl: Nothing much.
Guy: Did you know you have a CAF?
Girl: A what?
Guy: A Cute Asian Face!
by silly aardvark November 09, 2008
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Chicks are fucked. Used when a female demonstrates how much they can make life a real pain in the ass.
A: And then she told me that she couldn't suck it because she was considering the convent.

by Bengo April 06, 2006
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Guy 1: hey man that shit is caf
Guy 2: that shits not caf but your mum is!
by Lusty Jack June 23, 2011
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