Stands for Classy As Fuck. Basically, the new yolo. But better. Mainly used Ironically.
"man, you should have seen me at the wedding, totally caf."

"ducky pajamas, totally caf."

"hahah oh god, that hole in your pants, caf."
by Totescaf September 04, 2012
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Comfortable as fuck. Created by Jared from FNC
I want you to be CAF with me while I tutor your child
by jameswood132 October 18, 2013
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Comfortable As Fuck
Someone who is extremely comfortable.
Jared is CAF.
That dog looks CAF.
The man in the cafe is CAF.
by NiggerJew27 October 18, 2013
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C.A.F. is pronounced (calf). It's the abbrevation for Country as Fuck.
In the southern most region of the New England states, particularly South Jersey, this is the only C.A.F. phrase known or at least still used verbally as abbrevated.
A gas-powered truck that is lifted that has stacks with a diameter big enough to fall into is Country as Fuck.

"That kid with his snap back hat, and white ray bans just hopped out of that lifted truck....He should be called king CAF."
by Dougwashere September 02, 2014
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(n) A guy who is Creepy As Fuck, generally a drunk and a druggie. Perhaps a fast food worker, usually balding..... Likes to check out VERY young girls
Whens C.A.F.'s next shift?

I hope NEVER!
by Rain Cloud January 31, 2009
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