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By far the best example of someone who has a massive hatred towards the world, usually really overweight and old and has the voice of a dying cat and a pornstar faking an orgasm.
-Hey bro can I please borrow 5 cents to buy this drink
-Nah man they'll let you get it anyway
-Just look at The Cafeteria Lady
by i'mlikeheywhatsuphello August 30, 2016
Term used by majority of teenagers both in person and on social media to imply that ones parents will not be home, used to have sex and parties or hopefully both
Slut - "Someone come over, parents are going away for the weekend, free house"!
by i'mlikeheywhatsuphello June 13, 2016
Male or female who is over 18 and is into children's hobbies / things. Usually a fat pasty person with odd coloured hair for a female or can be a skinny guy with spiky hair for a male, these people are ones who may play with a Nintedndo DS or is a fan of League of Legends.
Thst lady with the pink hair that wears glasses who works at Eb Games is such an Elderchild !
by i'mlikeheywhatsuphello October 2, 2015
A girl who is like everyone else or aims to be like everyone else. Wears clothing brands like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and also wears short shorts and highwaisted crap. Goes to Starbucks a lot and there Snapchat stories do not need to be looked at everyday as they only consist of coffee and selfies.
"Oi bro what do you think of that Rachael chick"?

"Seems like a bit of an irritating Basic Bitch"!
by i'mlikeheywhatsuphello October 12, 2015
A look 2 or more friends give each other mainly with their eyes, to communicate something obvious. The look is used when wanting to communicate something but not being able to verbally say anything.
An extremely attractive female gets on the train and sits close by two teen male friends as one of them gives the other the look.
by i'mlikeheywhatsuphello October 2, 2015
When you're watching porn, however pre orgasim, your hand either changes or loses grip or the video changes to a shit part. After orgasim you regret that you did so as you feel you have wasted an opportunity.
I hate it when you Wank fuckup, it's so annoying!
by i'mlikeheywhatsuphello October 2, 2015
Dude she just told me she was single so I hooked up with her , then her friend called me a dick because she has a boyfriend, "CAF"!
by i'mlikeheywhatsuphello October 2, 2015