The majority of one's transcript should they opt into their local college of engineering.
I was certain I failed that Calculus III course, but thanks to the powers that be, I was blessed with a C-.
by Prometheus McSpanky April 18, 2014
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Slang for Coors Light beer. Works on two levls: 1.)Coors minus the calories and also 2.) Coors Light is of a low but passing quality (as in it gets a grade of C-)
"Dude pass me another C-"
by sleepinggrass January 24, 2005
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Hym "Aha! Somebody said it was C- work and it was literally worth a billion dollars! Hahahahaha! Two sentences and some of the general themes and it was good for a billion dollar movie, several full anime series, and is being used to represent a multitude of characters (one of which is Narcissistic Superman which is word for word what I said I would be!) Ha! Hahaha! Aha! That's fucking hilarious! Who said it was C- work? Was it Plagiarism guy? Which one of you was it? Ha! Fucking idiot! Hahahahahahaha!!! But surely if I'm such a sympathetic villain, you would want to change my life for the better wouldn't you? Ahahahahahaha!"
by Hym Iam August 8, 2022
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Critique & Comments, used in lot's of gfx forums.
Here's my new sig, c&c appreciated.
by Wetop April 24, 2008
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Abbreviation of Choice and Consequence, a feature associated with computer role playing games where the intent is to make player choices matter.

A given choice might prevent the player from experiencing a part of the game's story or world, or eventually lead to failure of a mission or quest. This is done with the intent of either increasing the simulation aspect of the game or its replayability (and, occasionally, both).

The term was allegedly coined by Obsidian Entertainment during the development of Alpha Protocol, although the feature itself was already present in older games, such as the original Fallout series or Planescape Torment (among others).
C&C #1: I chose to join FACTION A, so now FACTION B hates me and won't allow me to join them.

C&C #2: I decided not to help COMPANION1 with his personal quest, so he died in a cutscene in the final battle.
by kenoxite January 18, 2014
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A text form of popular video game character Kirby.
OMG...c('.'c) is so 1337!!!
by Tre Latraj November 21, 2005
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Command And Conquer.
It is a game as well as an action.
The game is a famous series in which you build up your forces and destroy the opposing team.
the action is when you and a group try to pwn the other group.
Are you going to play C&c today?

w00t! We commanded and conquered the other team!!!
by Nikko April 14, 2005
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