Urine in a can. Prefered beverages of right wing loser MAGAts too fat or lightweight for real alcohol. It tastes terrible and those who do should feel bad for drinking it. Good thing their braincell's are already dying from ingesting piss beer.
Monty Python explains Light Beer.

Eric: Frankly, we find that your American beer is a little like making love in a canoe.
Neil: Making love in a canoe?
Eric: It's ----ing close to water!!!
by Burn Mar-a-Lago June 7, 2021
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Light beer is not a drink but simply a way of life. If I'm not investing in my 401k or being very studious at the local campus library I'm crack a cold one with the boys. One does not simply show up to a pregame empty handed let alone light beers. Light beers give us the courage and motivation to Pursue our aspirations at a party. #freemchebes
Bro did you see Matt at that party ?
Yeah bro he was crushing those light beers kid defiantly pipes
by Lighttttt June 18, 2017
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Light Beer is a type of beer designed for sissys, pansies, homosexuals, pillow biters, gaylords and man-bitchez because they cant handle the taste of a aussie full strength beer (American full strength is for sissys, pansies, homosexuals, pillow biters, gaylords and man-bitchez also. Do your best to stay well away from this stuff)
Bitch Drinks are commonly Defined as Light beer

Bazza: Oi Daz what ya drinkin there??

Daz: Mate, its a Casgade Premium Light

Bazza: Get the fuck out you homo pillow biting douche fag bag!.............

Bazza: *Directed at bartender* Mate could i just grab a Scooner of Carlton Draught?

Bartender: Most certainly!
by Osama Binladen2454 July 23, 2008
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A term used to justify drinking before noon (since it is widely noted if you drink before noon you are an alcoholic). Beer light savings time equals whatever amount of hours needed to make your morning drinking equal noon.
ie: drinking at 8 am adding 4hrs of beer light savings time making it noon and therefore compliant with social standards of no drinking before noon.
Richard: You are an alcoholic, it is only 10:45 in the morning.
Jim: I am well aware of the time dick, however we are now in beer light savings time.
by paul walters (717) March 25, 2010
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