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To give off a glorious ejaculation from your genitalia
Darell: Marty, guess what im gonna do.
Marty: What?
Darell: Bust a nut.
Marty: What?
Darell: In your sisters butt.
Marty: What?
Darell: What?
by StevanoD April 17, 2019
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1) to come, ejaculate, get-off
2) to be overcome with an intense amount of emotion, generally of a surprised nature that can be either happy or angry
When I heard the news, I nearly busted-a-nut
by grkdaisy February 09, 2003
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To cut or break a coconut open utilizing unconventional methods.
The couple on the beach didn't have the necessary supplies, but managed to bust a nut anyways.
by Heyoyoyi June 11, 2017
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