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Ambien is supposedly a sedative/hypnotic medication supposed to be used and useful for sleeping longer, more soundly, more easily, etc. However, most adolescents, college-age students and the like, can fight the sedation quite easily, and the high is awesome. Some deal with slightly dramatized hallucinations. Everyone on their daytime ambien binge can angree that they're chilled out and horny as shit.
FUCK YEAH, I just popped three ambien and I'm all high. This is the best! I'm zoning out, all chill; where is that chick...maybe she wants some? Word...
by Arieh May 31, 2007
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College-age guys who abuse amphetamines such as ritalin, adderall, and dexedrine, not for the ADHD-benefit, but for euphoria, the high, and increased sexual stimulation. These "speed fiends" also crave meth, pseudoephedrine, caffeine, ephedrine, often cocaine, and any other "upper" they can get their hands on.
Jed is a big-time speed fiend. He snorted 200 mg of adderall a day for an entire week, spent the entire time jerking off, and then he ran out. He wound up buying ritalin (even though he can't stand it compared to adderall), just so he could continue the amphetamine high for another week.
by Arieh October 19, 2006
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When you spend all day jacked on amphetamines or stimulants, meth, yayo, adderall, etc, and you can't do anything else except jerk off dripping pre-come.
That stim jerk was awesome! All fucking day I was lookin at porno beating off and leaking my semen. The orgasm at the end of the day was the best ever, and then that bitch came over and...more fucking pleasure! Word.
by Arieh September 23, 2006
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A very new sleep medication, rozerem is based on the over the counter melatonin supplement (and melatonin receptor in the brain). Apparently highly effective at targeting circadian rhythm "issues," and inducing a quick sleep rather than similar meds like ambien which focus on anxiety-related insomnia (and thus, also help the patient sleep longer through the night), rozerem does not chemically relate to ambien, lunesta, or sonata, which, like their benzo cousins, can be high-inducing and mentally and physically addictive. Thus, rozerem is not YET even a controlled substance (apparently tests have shown that the likelihood of addiction is extremely low), and the only "side effects" are (if the drug works with efficacy) sedation. However, it will soon be noted in the psychiatric and pharmacologic worlds that rozerem, like some of the aforementioned medications, indeed DOES induce a weed-like wonderful high, and has, therefore, the propensity for dependence and/or abuse. These effects include lack of coordination, slight memory loss, mild euphoria, mild disinhibition, as well as LIGHT sedation (especially if taken during the day after a full night's sleep). The usual dosing is in 8 mg tablets, but people seeking "rozerem highs" might take as much as a total of 24-32 mg at a time, mix it with booze or other anti-anxiety benzos or sleep aids (such as ambien). While this high lasts only about an hour at maximum, the sedating effect, while unnoticed in the abusing patient, is indeed still in one's system, and rozerem-poppers have been known to abuse the pill during the day, get high, feel "normal," lay off for the rest of the day, and then sleep for as much as 30 hours straight.
Richard was exhausted and popped 16 mg of rozerem expecting to feel just a little sleepy or groggy or to not feel anything at all. Within 15 minutes, however, Richard was high as a kite, almost slurring his speech and staggering like a drunk. Elated from the high, Richard was wired for the remainder of the evening, and then went to sleep for over 16 hours, uninterrupted.
by Arieh August 19, 2006
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To fuck a chick really hard and roughly. Usually involves kinky and dirty positions and the guy's intent is to often cum in her face, finish the job, get maximum pleasure in a minimum amount of time...so he can move on to rail the next girl.
Wow, Lauren is hot. I'm gonna rail her tonight and she won't even know what hit her.
by Arieh August 23, 2006
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ADHD medication. The ultimate stimulant high. Induces focus, attention, elation, sexual arousal, and sleeplessness. Increased nicotine craving.
Oh man, I took so much adderall. I'm fiending for more. I'm bugging out. I have alot of work to do.
by Arieh August 13, 2006
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When one, usually with little impulse control, cannot help himself hold back cumming. When a guy jerks off and then ejaculates, usually in a short period of time, having been highly aroused.
I was so horny, I couldn't help but bust a nut in my pants, while looking at that hot chick.
by Arieh August 9, 2006
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