To give off a glorious ejaculation from your genitalia
Darell: Marty, guess what im gonna do.
Marty: What?
Darell: Bust a nut.
Marty: What?
Darell: In your sisters butt.
Marty: What?
Darell: What?
by StevanoD April 18, 2019
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To cut or break a coconut open utilizing unconventional methods.
The couple on the beach didn't have the necessary supplies, but managed to bust a nut anyways.
by Heyoyoyi June 12, 2017
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A slang term, used in place of the more "correct" term for ejaculation. The term originated from when sperm would bust from the testicles (nuts). Not to be confused with "bust your nuts" meaning to smash the testicles.
"My roomate tried to steal my girl last night, so I bust a nut on his bed."
by Shinigami Kings September 30, 2008
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When one, usually with little impulse control, cannot help himself hold back cumming. When a guy jerks off and then ejaculates, usually in a short period of time, having been highly aroused.
I was so horny, I couldn't help but bust a nut in my pants, while looking at that hot chick.
by Arieh August 9, 2006
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To undetake an arduous task (that may not be worth the effort)
"I'm not gonna bust a nut to drive you to Del Taco"
by Hip Ziggy June 12, 2017
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ejectulateing semen (cuming)
I was having hot sex with sarah that made me bust a nut in her vagina
by John December 2, 2003
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