adjective Used to describe someone acting like an ass.
I'm sorry about that last message. Listen, maybe I was being a little bully. Here are some others.
by rich rick August 01, 2011
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The mean kids at my school who wont stop beating me up just becaus i wear trousers pulled up to my chest, a pink bow tie, huge glasses and orange shoes from giant tiger.
One day i hope us regular kids will stand up to those mean bullies. That will teach them a lesson.
by mj July 07, 2004
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A word that former President Theodore Roosevelt used, meaning "great!"
After surviving a shot to the lung and then proceeding to give a three hour speech, Teddy Roosevelt shouted "BULLY!"
by Kurt Branagan November 03, 2003
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Someone of senior status in an organization (e.g. CCWA) that uses offensive language and name calling to humiliate underclassmen and new members.
Erik Leiden: Give me your blocks or else.

the next day
Erik Leiden: Get out of here.
the next day
Erik Leiden: You're not REALLY a MUNer. You're just a psuedo-MUNer.
Freshman: Sad :(

Erik Leiden is a bully because he makes my friend Emily cry herself to sleep every night."
by MUNer16 November 30, 2012
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Exclaimed in a deep upper class accent to:

1)Describe something that is good or to be approved of.

2)Express agreement or concurence.

3)Serve as a greeting.
"These chips are awfully bully! Are your chips bully?! Bully!"

by Elpenor June 04, 2009
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An stupid dumbass who picks on a person because they are inferior to them in size, strength, popularity, etc. They pick on you 'till you go home and find your parents gun and shoot said bully square in the head and watching them die and you'd be the one going to jail, but at least you know you help God can't out the trash!
Bully: you a big pussy, PUSSY, PUSSY......
Kid: pulls out glock, shoots bully repeatingly
by Mr. Master K December 22, 2006
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Bully, the video game
Very funny, and made by rockstar.
Shit man! this new game bully is freakin awsome!
by gunzonline123 November 18, 2006
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