a short abbreviation for “kill themselves”
pedos, rapist, racist, homophobics should honestly kts🤨
by milou July 8, 2021
A short abbreviation for 'Kill Themselves'.
Man, the people who don't like life should KTS!
by Tessa~ April 3, 2016
Acronym for 'Keep The Streak'

Refers to a snapchat streak to be maintained by
the snap receiver through them sending a snapchat
back to the sender before the streak deadline.

snapchat snapstreak streak
by ProcrastinationStation March 19, 2016
kts: kupo typing syndrome, commonly used to refer to someone making multiple typos
wiitle: u din't kniw whqt
wiitle: i don't know what*
kupo: kts
by TheImmortal November 21, 2012
"keep the streak"

is used to keep a streak on snapchat. instead of writing 6 letters you write 3. the time adds up.

*takes a snap, puts a sticker on it or something, and captions it: kts*
by jnsdiivnysdbviniuver January 22, 2017
An acronym for KillTeamSeller, a developer famous on telegram in Italy.
Mention of mr. KTS or KillTeamSeller.
by KillTeamSeller August 15, 2021