Brit. Slang.
Toilet paper. Bog - toilet. Roll - roll of paper.
"Dude, I have real bad diarrhoea and we're out of bog roll, can you run down to Tesco for me?"
by Soiled Undergarment August 7, 2003
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To be robbed or mugged of one’s toilet paper.

The term was coined in Australia during the Great TP Crisis of 2020 due to the inexplicable hoarding of toilet paper in fear of Coronavirus.
1). “Some bloody boomer bog-rolled me outside Woolies this arvo. They took my 12 pack of Quilton!”
2). “Aww shit man I only had 2 squares left and had a serious case of acid arse so bog-rolled some c***s outside Coles”.
by Beverly Waj March 6, 2020
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Something serial killers say.
I'm going to kill you because my name is Matt and I'm a serial killer. I say bog roll.
by Gark1 January 22, 2018
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Keeping a toilet roll in the fridge after eating a very hot curry, so as to cool your ass when you wipe it.
I had a fantastic vindaloo last night. Really hot. Proper bog roll in the fridge stuff.
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The unfortunate occurrence when ones finger goes through cheap toilet roll and up the bottom hole when wiping ones arse after defecation
"I wish you'd stop buying this cheap toilet roll, I've just given my self bog roll anal again!!!'
by Cornishgiant January 2, 2012
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People who viciously stockpile toilet paper, especially with the intention of reselling at a higher price during times of low supply.
“There's no toilet roll left to buy...”
“Sorry, Mate. It was the Bog Roll Bandits.”
by C L G June 30, 2020
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Where someone uses the inside tube if a bog roll to masturbate, you must keep the actual paper on the roll during the duration of your pleasurable activities. (For best use force a grandma to watch whilst strapped naked to a metal chair)
Yo bro, wanna come over later and have some CUMMY BOG ROLL fun?
by Cummy author April 29, 2019
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