A cut of pork tenderloin that so closely resembles a large circumcised penis.
Tonight's dinner will consist of a seared, roasted bullhonkey, a side of mashed potatoes, and glazed Brussels sprouts.
by PandaB310 June 26, 2017
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When a white person says or does some stupid shit. (Bullshit and honkey) mixed together as hokey is a derogatory term for white person.
White Person: Donald Trump is just what America needs

Me: Bullhonkey!
by Dizzleindabizzle May 3, 2018
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When something is unfair and uncool.
Jake: "DUDE, you know that chick we picked up at the party?"

Cory: "Yeah, man, she was damn finee."

Jake: "...Turns out she's a dude..."

by JWest and KelseyKatastrophe. August 23, 2008
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explanatory. use as if using the word "ouch"
use instead of ouch. when you stub your toe yell "bullhonkey" as loud as possible
by Vinny Barraza January 29, 2005
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