(adj.) Something that is viewed with suspicion and/or cornyness, (i.e. a hokey sales pitch)
That was one hokey-ass movie we just saw.
by Patrick January 27, 2004
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A hokey is another name for a VERY VERY loose vagina. It is derived from doing the Hokey-Pokey where you "put your left leg in, and you shake it all about" ... etc. If you can put your leg in and shake it all about in a girls vagina, then it is a hokey.
Me: man this girl i got with last night had a major hokey

friend: oh yah what do you mean?

Me: i put my whole self in and i shook it all about.
by kfreezy July 17, 2006
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something that is bad or uncomfortable. usually a place.
by fox220 December 19, 2003
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I can sweep up without a heavy vacuum cleaner with a hokey.
by Penname Sooner December 17, 2017
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Hokey Dina! Did you see the size of that cockroach?
by Tammy Martinez February 13, 2008
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a satanic ritual which requires one to put the right foot in and then the right foot out.Put the right foor in and shake it all about. Do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around. And thats what it all about.
Teachers in schools perform satanic rituals by making students do the hokey pokey.
by steven Lee May 14, 2004
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Literally, "okey-dokey". From a Simlish phrase uttered by a voice in the computer game "The Sims 2".
by Thor, eh? June 20, 2007
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