A person who has origins relating to or directly from the continent of Europe, especially those who are from the Northern and Western areas.
The suspect for the robbery was a white person, male, about 20 years of age.
by Strawberry Pterodactyls August 16, 2018
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Someone who has skin the color of paper or is easy to see in the dark
Black Person: dam you are as white as paper

White person: I know!
by Targetcut January 09, 2014
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what a nice White Person you’ve go there I wonder witch pet shop you got him from
by Cumnygget June 17, 2019
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Somone who is the least racist person in the world, but is called racist because they have had a bad rap for the most part of the world's history.
Black group: HEY CRACKER!
White person: hey guys.
Black person in group: WHAT'YA MEAN BY GUYZ?!?.
White person: Are you not all males?
Black person: Are you saying all black people are guys?
White person: no, no not at all only that everyone in that group are males.
Black group: Racist.
by The Great American August 12, 2008
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Usually used by Hispanics and Black people to name someone who is literally someone wimpy, no girls, no booty, can't play ball, and rejected by everyone except for people of his own pale color. One who's mommy and daddy pay for everything and who go to college just to get drunk and sit around on their asses all day.
White Person: Hey my HOME-BOYZ!! What's g-stringin mah niggazz?
Black and spanish people: Ey little white dude, get yo stinkin pink ass outta here befoh I shoot ya. Oops. Too late.
by M_dominicana February 05, 2010
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A person with lower melanin presence, whose racial characteristics may make him a target of vitriol for racists. Individual characteristics of the general group tend to contain more egalitarianism than other peoples of the world, better economic management in the areas of manufacture, and better political management in the rule of law, the rights of humans, and the freedoms of humans.

There is many conspiracy theories out there* that they will die out but this is mostly spun to fear monger and make racially charged battle cries by far left moral busy-bodies*.

*see white genocide
*see the Young Turks
It is okay to be a white person. -a person making a statement

If you are a white person you are going to burn in hell, I hope y'all colonizers go extinct. -racist
by lowclub September 16, 2018
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A person whose skin possesses small amounts of melanin, which makes for a pale complexion.
When is this going to stop being an issue, anyway?
by Charon May 21, 2003
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