A sexual act when a male has cummed and the girl sucks up the cum and shouts you've been giga drained. Also a move used by bulbasaur/venusaur hence the name bulbasauring
She was a disappointing at bulbasauring
by Paul Poppington January 27, 2014
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Alan Titmarch's worst nightmare, a plant which walks and can shoot razor leaves. also has the ability to whip folk with seeds. spotted frequently in Swansea, where he grows to enormous size due to the colossal amount of rain. his best attributes are his massive head. eats candy and mince beef.
most likely to say: "bulba, bulba!"
least likely to say: "what the blazes is that yellow mouse squawking for?"
by failure33object April 19, 2005
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A person with a large head shaped like a boulder
by Poker Her Man November 30, 2009
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known as the pokemon character Ash used to battle with. Recently has been used to put in a conversation at random to make humor in a stiuation that is dull or boring.
so did you see that guy eating pizza bulbasaur at papa ginos?? bulbasaur, hi I just called to tell you that i am home.
by shaniquiaah July 1, 2007
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The word that is shouted during the act of raising your four fingers (minus thumb) into the air in responce to asian/indain pornography.
by aveley March 21, 2007
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A painful STD that is a bulbous sore.
Daang, I'm pretty sure I got a big ole bulbasaur from last night!
by Lizzing October 6, 2010
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