Weston keeps looking at Petey's ass and Don's crotch. He must have that Buck Fever!
by Olivia October 19, 2003
buck fever is a condition hunters get. its symptoms include: jumpy-ness, seeing a buck deer when there is a doe, or no deer at all. Hunters with buck fever need to be extremely careful of their shot and target.
hunter1 "Holy shit! Do you see that 5 point buck in those trees?"

hunter2 "Dude, you've got serious buck fever."

by Uhura October 1, 2012
in hunting it is the condition that occurs when one is so mesmerised by a deer that u miss your shot...in my life it is the condition where females are so mesmerised by me (my last name is buck) that they have no choice but to get moist and want to lay with me
Kevin told me that those girls called me all night long...damn they had buck fever like nobody's business.
by nevasboy July 17, 2005
A non-contagious disease that causes excessive farting, belching, and general dirtiness. Some sufferers also experience symptoms of Tourette's Syndrome and may be alcoholics.
If Dave is singing "Crazy Train" at 3 in the morning for no reason, his Buck Fever must be acting up again.
by Duker December 17, 2004
A flu like reaction to seeing a large buck while deer hunting. Often the symptoms are loss of breath, uncontrollable shaking, inability to shoot a firearm accurately, and a tremendous feeling of shame, imbarrasment and or depression.
Pattrick had no less than five bucks run past his stand and managed to only get off one shot that almost hit me. Now thats one bad case of h1g1 (buck fever)!
by smokey chantrel November 5, 2009